What will aesthetic medicine treatment change in you?

What will aesthetic medicine treatment change in you? Nowadays, external appearance plays a very important role. Both men and women are doing their best to look ever younger. Unfortunately, despite the use of various diets, drinking a lot of water, or exercising in the gym, we are not in any way deceiving our biological clock. Over time, the amount of estrogen, which is responsible for the fresh, elastic and youthful appearance of our skin, decreases. However, there is a very nice possibility to minimize the effects of the passing time through treatments offered by aesthetic medicine .

Aesthetic medicine after the age of 30

Human skin ages relatively quickly, as it is already around 20 years of age. The prospect seems a bit scary, but unfortunately none of us can influence it. However, we can stop the skin aging process a bit by using appropriate moisturizing creams, as well as a beneficial effect from diet, drinking water, and physical activity. A healthy lifestyle can slow down the signs of aging, but it won’t stop them in any way. A very effective method for the perfect condition of our skin are treatments offered by aesthetic medicine. Everyone over 30 years of age can benefit from a number of treatments aimed at minimizing the effects of skin aging. One of such treatments is dermapen microneedling. It is a device equipped with pulsating needles. This treatment not only rejuvenates, but also largely eliminates all skin imperfections. Another very popular treatment is photorejuvenation. As the name says it is a skin rejuvenation with the help of light. It is also an ideal way to reduce any freckles, discoloration or broken blood vessels.

Aesthetic medicine after 40 years of age

As we are well aware, the passing time has a negative effect on the condition of our skin. Over time, we lose estrogen, which is responsible for vitality, and thus it is reflected in our skin in the form of unwanted wrinkles, broken blood vessels or discoloration. However, we can take advantage of treatments offered by aesthetic medicine. Women over 40 should remember to take care of their complexion. In a pharmacy or drugstore we can find a lot of creams plus 40. However, we are well aware that the creams themselves in no way hide the wrinkles that are the result of the passage of time. However, we can use various aesthetic medicine treatments. One of the most popular treatments is the face cleansing treatment. Various types of blemishes or discoloration are the result of hormonal changes. Cleansing treatments largely reduce these signs. Another treatment that is used by the greatest number of people over 40 is a skin firming treatment.

Aesthetic medicine after 50 years of age

When it comes to mature women who are over 50, aesthetic medicine wants to take care of the good condition of the skin of mature people in a special way. These treatments greatly help to keep the skin looking radiant. After all treatments, the skin of mature people regains its glow and fresh appearance. One of the very popular treatments is, of course, needle mesotherapy, which involves injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin with a special needle, which improves skin firmness and gives the skin a beautiful and youthful appearance. Regardless of what age we are, let’s not forget that our appearance largely affects our well-being. If we are satisfied with it, we gain self-confidence, which definitely affects better contacts with people.

Aesthetic medicine – who can do it?

For many years there has been a huge dispute who can perform treatments related to aesthetic medicine. Doctors say that you need to complete medical studies to be able to be responsible for such important treatments. However, many beauty salons have specialists who have completed specialized courses and also offer many treatments that are performed by aesthetic medicine. If we decide to use such treatments, it is worth choosing a salon that inspires our trust and has a very good opinion on the market. If we want to get a unique effect, we must repeat the treatment to get the best results. Then we will definitely see a significant difference before and after the procedure. Aesthetic medicine is also used more and more in dental offices. A healthy and beautiful smile is a very important aspect of improving our image. Remember to always take care of your appearance, regardless of age, because it is a showcase of each of us. The VAT that is imposed on aesthetic treatments is 23%, unless the doctor states that the treatment is medical in nature, then it is completely exempt from VAT payments. If our funds allow you to use such treatments, we have nothing to wait for, because nowadays appearance is very important.