Invasive Beauty Treatments – A Quick Guide

Invasive Beauty Treatments – A Quick Guide. Currently, aesthetic medicine offers an extremely wide selection of various cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the face. Some of them are considered extremely good for any woman, others are demonized as bizarre and even dangerous. Below is a brief overview of the most popular cosmetic treatments for reducing wrinkles, improving the color and shape of the face. And it is not about  eyelash extensions Warsaw .

Cosmetic treatments for the face – general information

Cosmetic treatments for the face generally fall into two main categories: treatments that interfere mechanically under the skin, most often with needles, and treatments that affect the skin without additional tools (e.g. chemical peels).

Many people believe that cosmetic procedures are not needed and that this is just a media invention. This is not entirely true. Nowadays, caring for the skin with some professional treatments is quite important for its condition. Unfortunately, we are exposed to airborne pollutants every day, and the lifestyle of modern people, largely based on rush and stress, also affects our body and our appearance.


Mesotherapy ( mesotherapy desire ) is a professional cosmetic procedure consisting in collecting blood from the client and then centrifuging it in order to obtain platelets. Then a mixture is prepared containing, inter alia, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C, E, green tea extract, sea algae and other similar substances that are inserted under the skin using a needle. Thanks to this nourishing cocktail, the skin regenerates faster and improves its appearance. The price for a single treatment varies from 200 to 300 PLN.

It is recommended for people with very dry, damaged skin, and for people who want to reduce small wrinkles. The treatment is safe and does not cause any immune reaction. The difference is visible almost immediately after the procedure.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, therefore treatments with the use of this acid are completely safe. Later in life, there is less and less hyaluronic acid in our body, which causes wrinkles. Regular supply of substances under the skin improves its color, firms and gives the skin elasticity.

The procedure is performed by introducing acid with needles and several places on the face. The treatment should be repeated once a year. The price depends on what effect we want to achieve, e.g. the filling of the nasolabial furrows ranges from PLN 800 to PLN 1000, and cheek modeling from PLN 1,800 to PLN 2,000.

The treatment does not require any prior preparations. The only caveat is not taking aspirin prior to your visit, as it may cause bruising.

Lifting threads

This type of cosmetic treatment involves the use of glycolic and polylactic acids, which are introduced under the skin. Their task is to model and tighten the skin of the face. We can use them to lift the eyebrow arches, cheeks and forehead. The fibers are absorbed over an eighteen-month period. The treatment is an alternative to the traditional facelift which involves cutting the skin and then tightening it. Lifting threads are a much safer option.

The price of one treatment, depending on the area and the type of thread used, ranges from 1000 to even 6000 PLN. It is one of the most expensive, but also brings the best results, professional beauty treatments.


Botok is a cosmetic procedure that is probably the most demonized of all (not counting, of course, plastic surgery procedures). No wonder, controversy may arise from the use of toxins that block the neuromuscular connection while relaxing the muscles. As a consequence, the substance prevents the normal functioning of the facial muscles and, as a consequence, smoothes the expression lines. Botox is most often used to even out wrinkles on the forehead, eliminate crow’s feet and lion’s wrinkles between the eyebrows. The effect lasts up to four months. The price of the treatment depends on the number of places where we want to inject the substances, e.g. the price for one place may range from PLN 450-500, and for two places – around PLN 800-900.


It is a treatment intended for people struggling with discoloration caused by the sun or hormonal changes. It also helps to improve acne scars, fine lines and enlarged pores.

Cosmelan is one of those beauty treatments that do not use needles. It consists in applying a specialist mask to the person, which consists of depigmentation substances, which are washed off after a few hours. Then the person applies a special cream to the face every day for the next months, the task of which is to maintain the effect of the mask. The price of the procedure is about PLN 900. However, the full treatment costs about PLN 2,000.